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targeted Training

Much of the training in providing Behavioral Health services in primary care, whether those services are provided by Consulting Psychiatric Clinicians, Behavioral Health Clinicians, Care Enhancers or Primary Care (medical) Clinicians, is acquired after Healthcare Team members have completed the academic training in the discipline that provides their credential to practice. Offering access to targeted training programs for each member of the team so that the current workforce can provide more complex and skilled behavioral health services is part of the mission of the NH PCBH Workforce Initiative.


Student Training

An introduction for students. The modules were created to introduce the many roles that are involved in providing behavioral health services in primary care.  

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Post-degree Training for BHCs

Behavioral health clinicians, such as clinical social worker, psychologists, marriage and family therapist, and licensed mental health clinicians, need substantial training on top of the foundation they gained in graduate school to succeed in the unique environment of primary care. That training can be obtained online from several possible resources 

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Facilitator Training

Practice transformation facilitators are employed in primary care sites around the country helping practices make the changes needed to be recognized as patient-centered medical home. To succeed in fostering successful transformations, facilitators need introduction to and education about behavioral health integration.

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Online Master's Degree Training Programs

Building the future behavioral health workforce in primary care can be made substantially easier if current primary care staff are able to develop behavioral health expertise including receiving their credentials for practicing as a licensed behavioral health clinicians.

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