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Competencies for primary care behavioral health clinicians.


Make Health Whole offers an explanation of the 8 competencies for behavioral health providers working in primary care. This includes videos of the competencies in action and an explanation of the details of each.

Other Good Resources

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SAMHSA Behavioral Health Integration Website on Recruiting and Competencies.

Competencies for Care Enhancers

The concept of a role called “Care Enhancer” has been endorsed by members of the NH Primary Care Behavioral Health Workforce Initiative. The term was created as a way to organize the array of different

job titles and job descriptions for the many roles in primary care that are not licensed Behavioral Health Clinicians (BHC) or a Primary Care Providers (PCP), but that are involved in providing behavioral aspects of care in primary care settings.

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 7.07.36 PM.png

The roles and competencies of care enhancers (CE)

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