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Our Mission

Experts have advocated for the integration of behavioral health (IBH) into primary care settings as the most effective way to close the behavioral health treatment gap. Widespread, effective, and financially sustainable implementation of IBH has proven very challenging in settings of usual primary care. Among the barriers to
successful dissemination and translation of IBH has been a limited and inadequately trained workforce. The Center for Behavioral Health Innovation and it’s workforce initiative team have been supported by the Endowment for Health of New Hampshire to assemble and create resources for growing and improving the primary care behavioral health workforce in New Hampshire

Our Work

The Center for Behavioral Health Innovation conducted a survey of the current primary care behavioral health state workforce needs and the needs for the next 5 years. The results were presented to stakeholders who were invited to participate in creating a plan to address the workforce needs of the state. This portal is a part of our mission to join a number of efforts in the state of New Hampshire to provide resources for workforce development.  


Our team from the Center for Behavioral Health Innovation at Antioch University New England has recently carried out the New Hampshire Primary Care Behavioral Health Development Plan. We have created a project timeline which shows the objectives and deliverables. We have identified and created several training opportunities for individuals involved in integrated primary care and workforce development. A visual presentation of behavioral health roles in primary care and how to progress in the field was created. 

OUR trainings

Student Training

Video modules designed to be used in undergraduate and graduate classes to introduce primary care behavioral health.


Post-degree Training

Most mental health professionals need additional training in primary care behavioral health in order to succeed as part of the primary care health team.


Facilitator Training

Video modules designed to orient primary care practice facilitators in behavioral health integration.

Accredited online Master's training programs for Aspiring Behavioral Health Clinicians

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